still seeking, is anyone have a shell server I can use for a test?

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Tue Aug 7 17:35:13 UTC 2018

Since Karen mentions me by name, let me simply note there's no evidence
in my logs that she ever reached my machine.

I also provided ssh over a high port that she also never reached.



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Hi folks,
> I am still seeking a simple, based on the testing needs  of the engineers
> working with me here  server if possible.
> Granted I have already tested a couple of examples, but suppose I desire
> being a touch more scientific.
> So, again if anyone has or can suggest a server using alternative port
> settings than 22 for ssh, let  me know off list.
> Janina's server times out according to -v information.
> Our agency is pressed for time to find a solution, which may end up being
> hostgator for our accounts  in the end.
> Thanks,
> Karen
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