Sound and Profile issues with Firefox-esr.

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Mon Aug 13 15:24:49 UTC 2018

Okay, so I'm running a highly customized hard drive install of Knoppix
8.1 running in Adriane mode with my sources.list stripped down to
Debian Unstable Main. Firefox-esr 61 hit Debian Unstable recently, and
as I feared, the no-ALSA bug that has plagued mainline Firefox since
Firefox 53 and has been deemed won'tfix since it was originally
reported is now infesting Firefox-ESR. I enabled Debian Testing long
enough to downgrade to the latest ESR 52.x and spoofed my ESR version
in /var/lib/dpkg/status to prevent accidentally upgrading to silentfox
again, but this isn't a viable long-term solution, and sadly, my hopes
for a simple fix coming along while the bug affected only mainline
Firefox seem to have been in vain.

I don't want to install PulseAudio because its a lot of bloat to
restore sound to one program when sound is otherwise working fine,
Chromium nad its dependencies take up even more space than Firefox
plus Pulse, and configuring Firefox to use apulse, best I can tell, is
more complicated than other about:config tweaks I've done, plus I have
no clue how to change the scripts that Adriane uses to launch a
minimal x-session with Firefox+Orca to invoke apulse firefox instead
of firefox, and my attempts to write my own script to launch a
minimalist x-session for Firefox have been unsuccessful.

So, could anyone point me towards a solution in any of the following veins?:
-A third-party apt repository that maintains builds of the latest
Firefox/Firefox-ESR built with ALSA support.
-A guide on how to compile the latest Firefox/Firefox-ESR with ALSA
support myself.
-Anything that streamlines configuring Firefox to use apulse and how
to alias firefox to apulse firefox or make Adriane-x invoke apulse
-An alternative graphical web browser that doesn't make Firefox look
small and light by comparison and preferably that's easy to migrate
cookies, bookmarks and saved passwords too.
-A small, light command-line client for YouTube(as long as I can
listen to YouTube, I'm fine with Firefox being unable to play sound).
-Something else I haven't considered.

Also, Upgrading and then downgrading Firefox-ESR lead to the issue
were closing one tab has a good chance of crashing all my other tabs.
To my knowledge, the only gauranteed fix for this is to create a new
profile, but naturally, I want to keep all my settings. Last time this
happened, I created a new profile and then copied places.sqlite,
cookies.sqlite, and my extensions folder over from the old profile,
which solved the crashing, but meant redoing my perfences,
about:config tweaks, NoScript Settings, and saved passwords from
scratch. This time, I also copied over my key4.db, logins.json, and
perfs.js from the old profile, which also brought over passwords,
prefs, about:config tweaks, and NoScript settings, but reintroduced
the crashing. Any solution to the crashes without having to redo some
of my settings manually?

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