Booting Linux with No Video card

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Wed Dec 5 22:22:53 UTC 2018

Linux for blind general discussion wrote 2018-12-05 21:21 UTC:
> I have a new computer whose board has no video. I heard you could
> still get linux to boot, anyway. Is there something I can edit on my
> debian USB stick to get it to work?

It really depends on your computer firmware. If the firmware is 
satisfied booting without video capabilities you need to edit your boot 
loader configuration. I'm assuming debian's kernel is happy without 
video. Please note that most desktops have video on the same die (or 
chip) as the cpu just like pretty much everything else but RAM. So you 
might have embedded video...

Search in boot loader config file for kernel line where you need to 
state your console. E.g. add console=ttyS0 in the end. You find 
documentation in kernel documentation since it is kernel boot argument 
you are dealing with.

You need to have some console device in order to use your computer. What 
you hook to the console port is yet another story. I have only worked 
with teletype and visual terminals long time ago so can't help with 
braille terminal if that's what you plan to use.


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