Booting Linux with No Video card

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Thu Dec 6 00:11:43 UTC 2018

Linux for blind general discussion wrote on 2018-12-06 22:37 UTC:
> Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> < Please note that most desktops have video on the same die (or
>> chip) as the cpu just like pretty much everything else but RAM.
> This board has no onboard or integrated video at all. When I plugged
> in the stick no debian prompt came up, so I guess I'm stuck and must
> order a card.
> Oh, well, I did try.

Excuse my ignorance but where were you expecting the debian prompt?

I have a feeling you haven't provided enough information for anyone to 
help. Unfortunately it is quite normal on this list.

Please try to tell exactly what you are trying to accomplish with what 
exact hardware setup and scenario.
Else we are only guessing.

Example (with Kermit and Miss Piggy):

I have a Data General One laptop with 512KB RAM
75/1200 bps Hayes Modem connected to COM1:
I booted MS-DOS 2.31 for DG One on 3.5" A: drive
I then inserted a disk with Kermit version 1.2 on B: drive
I then started Kermit and configured it to use COM1: port
Kermit told it can't find the port.
Then I tried configuring Kermit for COM2:
Kermit told it can't find the port.

If I use the same Kermit version on my IBM PC XT with 640KB RAM, PC-DOS 
3.1 started from 10MB hard drive,
75/1200 bps Hayes Modem connected to COM1: everything just works.

What's wrong?

Miss Piggy


Here we instantly know the exact hardware configuration of those two 
computers. You most likely need to tell more details on yours. Including 
how you interact with it.
DG One has different serial port hardware than IBM PC XT.
They are not register compatible.
Kermit reads and writes the registers directly, not via operating system 
Hence Kermit doesn't understand DG One's UART chip.
Miss Piggy either needs communications program written specifically for 
her DG One or such program which uses operating system interrupts. 
Unfortunately I cannot remember which one worked. It could be it was 
Kermit which worked and the other didn't.

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