Booting Linux with No Video card

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Thu Dec 6 00:27:11 UTC 2018

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> I have a feeling you haven't provided enough information for anyone to 
> help. Unfortunately it is quite normal on this list.
> Please try to tell exactly what you are trying to accomplish with what 
> exact hardware setup and scenario.

Trying to install Debian on a new system. When I said, debian prompt, I was referring to the boot prompt observed when booting a USB stick or cd. This usually consists of the distribution name and optionally a prompt to type commands.
The board does not have integrated video, at all. When the USB stick is plugged in (or boot cd inserted), the computer just sits there, doing nothing.
Having observed similar behavior from another system, it was clear that video hardware is required. Immediately upon inserting a video card into the previous system, everything worked as normal.
The reason I wrote was because subsequent to my previous experience, I found out that Linux could be fooled into thinking there was video hardware present when, in fact, there isn't. I knew it could be fooled into thinking there was a monitor present, but someone informed me that linux also did not necessarily need video hardware either. Unfortunately, the evidence he gave confirmed my own information; that is, editing xorg.conf to use xorg-video-dummy-x86 or similar. This is way ahead of where I am, as there is no xorg yet and we are still at trying to boot a linux USB stick or cd.
I am using a braille display and, as previously stated, I saw no indication that the stick (or cd) had booted appear on the display. The computer just sat, humming to itself.
I went ahead and ordered a cheap video PCI card, but I was curious to know if Linux could be fooled into running without it. It appears, however, that it can't. At least, not here. It was a generic question (can linux do this?) and not necessarily hardware specific.

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