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Sat Dec 15 22:27:10 UTC 2018

Hello again Chime,

I forgot to add: there is also RHVoice:

I just packaged it for Slint, it is easy to integrate with speech-dispatcher (the module is already there), it has good (to my ears) voices for English, Russian, Ukrainian, and also Esperanto, Tatar, Kyrgyz, Russian and Georgian.

Caveat: build against master and also speech-dispatcher master. In addition, to get the voice list in spd-say and orca you will need to apply this patch:

and also:
Add a dummy config file in /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules: 
echo "# dummy config file for RHVoice"" > /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules/rhvoice.conf
Add a line for it in /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf:
#AddModule "rhvoice"     "sd_rhvoice"   "rhvoice.conf"

Sorry for the OT,


Didier Spaier
Slint distribution

On 15/12/2018 22:26, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Can some1 please inform where to grab an SBL screen-reader? I remember in 2005 I ran Knopex which had an opening menu asking if I wanted YASR? Anyway the speech was an English-and-Russian synthesizer, which sounded grate. Thanks in advance
> Chime
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