extracting text from png files

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Mon Dec 17 15:57:32 UTC 2018

Disclaimer: I don't know which image formats either program supports
directly, nor do I know of a good way to convert between image
formats, though I'm pretty sure cuneiform supports at least .jpg and
.png files directly.

I also remember at least one OCR tutorial recommending some
preprocessing to make images easier for the OCR program to work with,
and I believe they used the convert command provided by imagemagick to
do so, but I forget the details.

Also, it's been a while since I've attempted any OCR'ing myself(how
often I had to manually clean up the output kind of put me off), so
there might be others on this list who can provide better, and more
specific advice on this subject.

Still, I hope I've at least got you started on the right track.


Jeffery Wright
Bachelor of Computer Science
President Emeritus, Nu Nu Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa.

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