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Thu Dec 27 18:00:14 UTC 2018


Upgrading Marco did fix the issue with the top pane.

For the braille panning problem I will report to the brltty and orca
mailing lists.

Thank a lot for your great work!


On Thu, Dec 27, 2018 at 03:10:00PM +0100, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello Sergei,
> On 27/12/2018 12:49, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:> Hello, list.
> > I just install Slint on my laptop for everyday use but have a couple of
> > issues in Mate.
> > First issue is the top panel acess. Whin I just installed Slint, it
> > worked just fine. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab to go to the top panel.
> > But after upgrading my system to the latest packages and changing my
> > locale to Russian this combination stops working. Of course I know that
> > I just can get rid of the bottom pane and the top pane will become
> > accessible, but I wonder, if there is a more elegant solution for this?
> I need to know which window manager is in use.
> This command will tell us that:
> gsettings get org.mate.session.required-components windowmanager
> The output should be either "marco" or 'compiz'
> You can switch to the other one typing either:
> gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components windowmanager 'marco'
> or
> gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components windowmanager 'compiz'
> compiz can be tweaked, but it's not so easy so I suggest you use marco
> for now.
> When using marco, following key bindings work:
> <Control><Alt>Tab switch between top panel and desktop
> <Shift><Control><Alt>Tab switch between top panel and desktop
> You need to release all keys to switch.
> This is not ideal and in next Slint major update, it will be simpler
> as in both compiz and marco you will have by default:
> Cycle between windows <Alt>Tab
> Cycle backward between windows <Shift><Alt>Tab
> Cycle between panels and the desktop <Control><Alt><Tab>
> Cycle backwards between panels and the desktop <Shift><Control><Alt><Tab>
> This update should be available within a week or so, I will post
> here and in the Orca and Slint mailing lists when it will be ready
> Meanwhile you can already upgrade to the upcoming marco package
> typing these commands:
> wget
> md5sum marco-1.18.3-x86_64-1slint.txz
> You should get:
> 229b1e2a810fd07f18fa2148274d1ac5  marco-1.18.3-x86_64-1slint.txz
> Then become root with su and type:
> upgradepkg marco-1.18.3-x86_64-1slint.txz
> Just be aware that at next "slapt-get --upgrade you will be proposed
> to go back to the previous version as this one is not yet officially
> released. 
> > Another issue is that Braille panning does not seems to work in
> > graphical mode on both my machines. I am using Focus 40 blue (4th gen)
> > Braille display. In console with Brltty everything works well, but in
> > Mate I can see the line focus is on, but if the text does not fit the
> > display, I am not able to pan through it. This problem persists through
> > all the apps I use. I remember that in the past I did not have this
> > issue.
> I am sorry, I can't help you there as I don't know Braille at all
> and thus have never used a Braille device.
> Else maybe the next upgrade will help, but that's just wishful thinking.
> Anyway brltty will be upgraded to version 5.6.
> I hope someone else can help you.
> Happy holidays and new year everybody.
> Best,
> Didier
> Slint project
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