[ANNOUNCE] Slint64- is released!

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Mon Feb 5 14:23:18 UTC 2018

Slint64- is released!

Current Slint users can upgrade without re-installing, to do that read:

New users, to get the new ISO image just type:
wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/slint/files/14.2.1/slint64-

To know more and get started read:
And for the accessibility features:

As a reminder, Slint is a Linux distribution based on Slackware, easy to
install and use, polyglot, containing several pre-configured desktops,
and window managers, and all software for your daily needs and more. 

It provides to the visually impaired users speech and braille in all
contexts: installation, login, usage on text or console made as in
desktops including MATE, now also with Compiz (which provides features
for partially sighted users), speechd-el and emacspeak. Of course orca,
speech-dispatcher, espeak, espeakup and brltty are included.

The most notable changes since 14.2.1 are:
* Addition of vlc, the ubiquitous audio and video player and recorder.
* Addition of mate-tweak, Compiz, Emerald and associated themes.
* All speech-related applications now rely on alsa or portaudio only and
audio settings have been enhanced. Benefits: a better sound quality when
using speech in console mode, speech applications now start instantly in
all contexts, audio outputs coming from speech application and audio
players nicely coexist.

Information and communication channels:
Slint website: http://slint.fr
Forum: https://forum.salixos.org/viewforum.php?f=44
Mailing list: http://slint.fr/mailman/listinfo/slint_slint.fr

Pour les francophones, le support en Français est assuré!

I look forward for your feedback and stay ready to help.


Didier Spaier

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