OT mathtrax, gnuplot octave etc?

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Tue Feb 6 19:44:16 UTC 2018

Good day,
This is Willem van der Walt here.
This is some what off topic, but I hope there might be some people 
knowledgable in these things that can help with this.
I am taking our linux-based SA-Note to a school for the blind likely next 
I wanted to see if there is a mathtrax program that runs under linux, 
but could not find anything current.
The NASA links I had saved before seem broken and so does the ones I find 
on google.
Can anyone tell me what happened to the project?
I would also like to be able to show the people to use gnuplot, but have 
never worked with it myself.
The same goes for octave.
One or two simple examples would likely be enough to get their interest.
This is against the background that this particular school is the only one 
of the 22 schools for the blind that still offer maths and science as a 
subject until the end of high school.

Any tips related to maths and science open-source or free software will 
also be welcome, even if it is for other operating systems.

In   South Africa, there is a subject they call IT which can be selected 
for the last three years of high school, but none of the mensioned schools 
has it as an option.
In this subject the kids are tought programming, a job which us blind 
people can do.
I did not realize the situation is so bad these days, as in my time, 34 
years ago, I took both science and maths at such a school and  no one 
thought it was such a big deal.
I will have very little time to spend on playing with the tools before I 
have  to go there, and what I remember about maths is dangerous.
Any help would be appreciated.
TIA, Willem

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