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Thu Feb 8 18:57:49 UTC 2018

As the message I sent to approval was not answered so far I just
post a link to the page I wrote for Slint:


Didier Spaier

Le 26/01/2018 à 19:47, Didier Spaier a écrit :
> I forgot the attachment but the new message is held for approval
> as even stripped down it's to big. Wait.
> Didier
> Le 26/01/2018 à 19:01, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
>> Le 26/01/2018 à 17:18, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
>>> There are instructions for getting a list of the shortcuts Compiz has
>>> assigned here. <>
>>> I haven't tested them.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Paul
>> Good information, thanks Paul!
>> As I just packaged compiz for Slint, I did that and attach the result.
>> This is for compiz- revision r4138 (pre-release).
>> The file is very long, but in the coming days I intend to provide a more
>> digest list with only the shortcuts and the names of the modules as they
>> are displayed in English in the ccsm, that I will make available on
>> Slint's website. Please be patient.
>> Greetings,
>> Didier Spaier
>> Slint distribution:
>> PS in the list the only "non-default" line is the list of activated
>> modules (line number 803) for Slint that begins with:
>> s0_active_plugins
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