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The issue is that this key can be configured. Many screen readers 
support desktop or laptop keyboard layouts where the screen reader hot 
key is different. I guess you could claim that if someone is savvy 
enough to change their modifier key then they're savvy enough to 
interpret the default key in the screen reader's help information and 
that the screen reader help should be written for the newest possible 
user. It's pretty easy though to select the laptop layout during setup 
and then not know what the modifier key is for this layout and get 
confused when you see a key referenced in the help that doesn't even 
exist on your keyboard. Also, for these quick helps and key references, 
space is also at a premium, so it may be tricky to list every possible 
option without creating even more confusion. Screen readers like 
ChromeVox also allow you to define your modifier key, so it could be 
almost anything.

I'm not sure what the right answer is here, and I don't have a problem 
with what screen readers are currently doing, but maybe professional 
trainers and those who assist the blind, know which way to go.

On 02/16/2018 11:19 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Thanks, interesting looking in that list, but really useing the phrase 
> "speakup" to describe a keystroke seems less than helpful.  I notice N 
> V D A does the same thing. If its actually instert+f10 then that would 
> be much more helpful to all users, especially those who are on the 
> outside trying to assist some1 blind.
> Chime
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