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I have an HP Envy laptop I bought last summer, and I'm also running 
Ubuntu 16.04. I see the first problem you reported, but I'm not sure if 
I've seen the second problem or not. I assume that this is because I'm 
still running Orca 3.18.2. I haven't upgraded myself, but I've seen 
posts from others on how to upgrade to Orca 3.26. I suspect this will 
solve my problems and maybe your's if you're still running the Orca that 
comes with Ubuntu 16.04.

On 02/22/2018 10:53 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hey all,
>   I bought an HP Envy laptop about a month ago and installed Ubuntu 16.04. Once I began using it I ran into some issues. The first is the unresponsiveness of Orca. When I am trying to select text to copy or cut it to the clip board Orca does not speak. Also when I am entering commands at the console Orca loses focus of the prompt and it will not allow me to type. I have to switch back and forth from the Desktop and the terminal window several times to get Orca to gain focus of the prompt.
> Has anyone else had these issues with Ubuntu and Orca? I have no choice on using Ubuntu 16.04 but if there is a way to install other tools to make the Ubuntu experience better I would be open to some suggestions. Thanks
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