Thank You, I Ran debootstrap, Now What?

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Fri Feb 23 03:37:12 UTC 2018

May I know why you do not wish to use DVD or USB as installation media?

On most laptop which only have one hard drive, installing new OS may 
result in reformatting those drive. That's why USB/DVD is the go to method.

Edhoari Setiyoso

On 02/23/2018 04:40 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Well, I installed debootstrap, the man-page listed this command which 
> I ran as
> sudo debootstrap stretch ./stretch-chroot
> All seemed to go well, I now have a stretch-chroot directory 
> containing  the following
> bin
> boot
> dev
> etc
> home
> lib
> lib64
> media
> mnt
> opt
> proc
> root
> run
> sbin
> srv
> sys
> tmp
> usr
> var
> In looking in duckduckgo, I cannot find how to actually switch to 
> Debian from my current Ubuntu? Supposedly that's what this program is 
> designed for. If I could switch, would it just be a single tty or 
> would it need to reboot? Running Speakup with a DecTalk External U S 
> B. Thanks so much in advance
> Chime
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