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Of course you can install from an USB stick.

With Slint you can also install from another machine in a network:

1. Write the ISO image on a DVD or an USB stick
2. Boot form this installation media
3. When suggested to type "setup" to begin installation, type instead "pxesetup".
This will bring up a menu allowing you setup the network parameters, select the packages source and activate the PXE server.
Then the computers on the network that connect to the PXE server will install Slint as usual (same screens as in a regular installation).

Credit Eric Hameleers for this feature, initially brought to the Slackware installer. 

Also, during a regular installation the source packages to install can be an USB stick, a DVD, an already mounted directory, NFS or a SAMBA share.

These possibilities also are taken from the Slackware installer, to which Slint adds accessibility with Braille and speech.



Le 22/02/2018 à 18:23, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> I don't see the message you're referring to, so I may be getting some of this out of context.
> You can use an ISO directly if you're going to install to a virtual machine. Otherwise, I think you need some install media, like a CD, DVD or USB stick. You can't install a new operating system from a .deb file. There are also network installs, but I'm not sure if you can start these from a running operating system or not.
> I defer to others with more knowledge and experience in this area.
> On 02/22/2018 09:53 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Thanks, but would like to use an image directly from the hard-drive. As another idea, what about any convertion tools from an .iso to a dot deb? Thanks again
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