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Tue Feb 27 19:48:14 UTC 2018

Thanks, Rudy.  That Vinux is pretty interesting.  Apparently it works with
Unity GNOME desktop.  I will have to check it out!

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> I was in your position several years ago. My solution was
> to set up my environment to use all text based command line tools, and
> hook up a talking terminal based on DOS, Vocal Eyes, and Telix to a
> headless
> Unix/Linux box.
> Recently my DOS  machine died  for good, and I switched to speakup.
> There is a        learning curve to get used to the speakup   function
> keys, but
> aside from  that, my environment remains the same, except for minor
> quibbles about the voice of the default speech synthesizer, which
> I will eventually resolve.
> This                 works for me, but if there is a graphic   tool
> which you absolutely must use, you might check out Vinux, which
> comes with a choice of three GUI options, none of which I know anything
> about.
> Good luck.
> Rudy

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