Are Their Any Podcast Clients with Search Capibility?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Wed Feb 28 06:30:43 UTC 2018

Well, as Tim may remember, I rather like hpodder  but it is not being maintained 
these days. With that client like many, you must manually add an url of an rss 
feed. Well, on the VR Stream, there is some sort of client where you can search 
by keywords. As an example, I am looking for some podcasts from TRT World, a 
news channel in Turkey. Newsmakers is one of them, but finding a good rss feed 
is a challenge. So if there are command or menu-driven search clients, that 
would be fantastic.  One of our LUG members put podfox on this machine, but it 
makes no sense. Thanks so much in advance

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