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I concur with using a mac as a ssh base.  The bsd based terminal can be made much more accessable using the mac's native voiceover with a few
minor system configuration changes.

One then has a good screen reader for any text based shh session or using ports of text applications in the mac as well as gui access as

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> You are very welcome Kathy. I understand I may have a bias towards Mac since I use it predominately but I also advocate for individuals using what ever tool can allow them to get the job done. For me I use a Mac for the before mentioned reasons and because when I need to access Linux I can do so remotely. As a software engineer who relies on a screen reader I choose the machine which allows me to do what I need to with a very high quality speech synthesizer.
> Someone on this list did say there might be an update for Orca to make it work better with Ubuntu 16.04 but I have not had time to dedicate to the installation of that update.
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