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Wed Feb 28 16:06:56 UTC 2018

This is really helpful, Schoepp, thanks.  And thanks to everyone else who
replied since yesterday.  Catching up on all your posts.  This is giving me
a lot of ideas to try. :)


> I had the same idea a few years ago and thought that a Mac would be the
> best solution for my needs. A Mac has a modern and easy to use
> graphical interface and has also all things which are needed if you have
> to work in a textbased terminal. I am also a linux admin since 15 years
> and for my work I have to use a terminal most of the time, but sometimes
> a modern browser or other tools are needed that are running in graphical
> mode.
> After using a Mac for a few weeks at work I was very disappointed.
> Especialy the VoiceOver support in the terminal is not more then
> rudimentary compared to the things you can do with a screenreader on a
> linux system. Because of this I switched back to a linuxbased system and
> I am using Debian on a laptop now with brltty and espeak in the
> textbased environment and orca in Mate.
> But I am still interested how people are able to work in the Mac
> terminal with VoiceOver successfully and productively. Are there any
> settings for the Mac terminal that make VoiceOver support better or dou
> you use another screenreader for the Mac terminal and not VoiceOver?
> How ofthen do you work in the Mac terminal, are you also working
> remotely on other systems via ssh and which tools are you using? Do you
> use the latest Mac OS version or which system  is running on your Mac?
> Do you use also a brailledisplay on the Mac and in the terminal?
> Cheers and all the best from Munich,
>   Schoepp
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> Christian Schoepplein - <chris (at)> -

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