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Wed Feb 28 16:23:00 UTC 2018

I agree with the below, though I've also been reasonably happy with the
Linux bash shells provided by Windows 10.


Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Why not just ssh into your Linux servers from a Linux terminal? Its ssh
> capability is far better than anything you can get from a Windows app using
> their lackluster screen readers.
> Java apps use the java-atk-bridge to work with Orca, but that's only if you
> require graphical tools. If not, you can do that from a text terminal as
> well. That just leaves the Windows servers, and I personally would avoid
> those like the plague, especially in a business environment. I can't
> recommend anything good for accessing such things.
> Really though, Linux has some of the best accessibility tools around for
> sysadmin tasks, so do give it a shot. If you find NVDA usable, you'll LOVE
> Orca, as it deals with flat review of the screen rather than NVDA's
> constructed object navigation, which is foreign even to a power user like
> me.
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