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Cygwin is the old way. There's now native Linux available on Windows 10.
Currently it's Ubuntu and two flavors of Suse Linux, but more Linux
distros are coming.

Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> I do plan on trying out ORCA at some point here.  Most of our servers are
> non-physicals, but I can just build a physical Ubuntu system with ORCA on
> one of my spare physical workstations.  Once I'm in a cygwin window on my
> Windows system, I just ssh from there to other servers.  I generally have
> several command line windows open, ssh'ed to other servers.  That isn't the
> issue.  The issue are these X-Windows and Java based tools, many of them
> don't have command line options to administer.  Yeah, you can go edit
> config files and the like, start and stop them, but if you're trying to
> troubleshoot the tool from the perspective of the user, or access some
> admin functions that are only inside the tool graphically, you're kinda
> stuck.   I think that ORCA on a physical Linux system and maybe a Mac will
> be my best options to try.
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> > Why not just ssh into your Linux servers from a Linux terminal? Its ssh
> > capability is far better than anything you can get from a Windows app using
> > their lackluster screen readers.
> >
> > Java apps use the java-atk-bridge to work with Orca, but that's only if
> > you require graphical tools. If not, you can do that from a text terminal
> > as well. That just leaves the Windows servers, and I personally would avoid
> > those like the plague, especially in a business environment. I can't
> > recommend anything good for accessing such things.
> >
> > Really though, Linux has some of the best accessibility tools around for
> > sysadmin tasks, so do give it a shot. If you find NVDA usable, you'll LOVE
> > Orca, as it deals with flat review of the screen rather than NVDA's
> > constructed object navigation, which is foreign even to a power user like
> > me.
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