Where Can I Find Ivona Voices for Linux?

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Thu Jan 4 09:40:06 UTC 2018

Le 04/01/2018 à 05:09, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Well, for nearly 2months we are enjoying an Amazon Alexa.  The voice is 
> quite good, so I looked around, found a site or company readspeaker with 
> some demos. Some have a splicing affect, but still it seems like quite 
> clear speech. Well, readspeaker replied, said they only sell commercial, 
> I should try nextup. They just wrote this evening, but they only sell 
> Text Aloud for windows.
> Sure I enjoy my DecTalk, but I would rather listen to something like 
> voices in SAPI4 such as Mary. Thanks so much in advance for any guidance

Hello Chime,

At Hypra, we sell the Voxygen high-quality voices for GNU/Linux. They 
are compatibles with speech-dispatcher so with Orca.

You could contact us at contact at hypra.fr to have more details and to 
obtain a one month trial.

Best regards.

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