slint14.2.1 released

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Fri Jan 5 18:36:00 UTC 2018

Jude Dashiell here.  I have an idea how to keep console speech high 
quality and still have orca start up normally when the graphical user 
environment starts.  The client.conf file in /etc/pulseaudio/ could be 
copied to client.conf.gue and also copied to client.conf.txt once spawn is 
set to no on line 25.  The client.conf.gue file would have spawn set to 
yes.  When startx is run, have /etc/pulseaudio/client.conf overwritten 
with client.conf.gue and this is before the actual graphical user 
environment starts running.  The problem with this for those starting in 
console mode after having used graphical mode will be the client.conf file 
is back to bug status situation.  If rc.local could be used to 
unambiguously overwrite client.conf with client.conf.txt before speech 
came up that would partly solve this problem.  The problem would come 
about for people starting up in graphical user environment unless a 
variable could be found with either console or graphical in it to test 
inside rc.local and if that were the case and someone started up in 
graphical mode copy client.conf.gue to client.conf unambiguously, so a 
conditional copy would happen inside of rc.local.


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