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Le 05/01/2018 à 19:36, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Jude Dashiell here.  I have an idea how to keep console speech high
> quality and still have orca start up normally when the graphical user
> environment starts.  The client.conf file in /etc/pulseaudio/ could be
> copied to client.conf.gue and also copied to client.conf.txt once
> spawn is set to no on line 25.  The client.conf.gue file would have
> spawn set to yes.  When startx is run, have
> /etc/pulseaudio/client.conf overwritten with client.conf.gue and this
> is before the actual graphical user environment starts running.  The
> problem with this for those starting in console mode after having used
> graphical mode will be the client.conf file is back to bug status
> situation.  If rc.local could be used to unambiguously overwrite
> client.conf with client.conf.txt before speech came up that would
> partly solve this problem.  The problem would come about for people
> starting up in graphical user environment unless a variable could be
> found with either console or graphical in it to test inside rc.local
> and if that were the case and someone started up in graphical mode
> copy client.conf.gue to client.conf unambiguously, so a conditional
> copy would happen inside of rc.local.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will study them carefully and also
probably consider specific settings at the user level user depending on
user's needs, as "man pulse-client.conf" states:
cut here
The  PulseAudio client library reads configuration directives from a
configuration file on startup. If the per-user file
 ~/.config/pulse/client.conf exists, it is used, otherwise the system
 configuration file /etc/pulse/client.conf is  used.
cut here
This seems like an opportunity to allows some flexibility.

I have also found other interesting ideas like e.g. on ArchWiki:

I should be possible to complete the program login-chooser, performing
different audio settings for text versus graphical login, as a way of
implementing the idea you just stated.

Testing locally will take several days, stay tuned.



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