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fenrir is the name of that screen reader and when run it has to be run 
as root with pulseaudio running as --system.  I have had no luck getting 
fenrir running at all. Anywhere in orca cut and paste is difficult which 
makes setting up google drive and dropbox just about impossible along 
with youtube-viewer when you want to login to your youtube account since 
a code on a web page has to be cut then pasted back into the 
application.  These cut and paste operations can't be done with speakup 
since speakup can't run with firefox or chrome or chromium.  In terminal 
mode in orca, the edit menu is all that's likely to offer any cut and 
paste capability and it's limited to select all then cut then later 
paste.  I suppose one might paste to a new file then edit that file 
removing any extraneous output and then maybe cutting from that file and 
maybe pasting where you want that output to go.  A package called xclip 
and another called gpaste exist but I've not heard of people using 
either for this work with orca yet.
The speakup cut and paste facilities are really effective on the console 
level.  I'm wondering if you have both speakup and orca running on the 
same system with speakup turned off while running orca could you go into 
terminal in orca, shut orca off with insert-q then start speakup and 
have speakup talk you through what's going on in the terminal?  I think 
even if this were done and you could do a good cut operation with 
speakup probably once speakup were turned off and terminal were exited 
and orca was turned back on a paste operation couldn't be done with the 
cut material from speakup since speakup and whatever graphical user 
environment being run both use different clipboard memory real estate. 
If both use the same memory space more would be possible.

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> Well Brian, I can answer 2 items in your list. Yes, Speakup has a quite good 
> review function, similar but lots better than NVDA in windows. What really 
> comes in handy are the cut-and-past ability which I use all the time. As for 
> your laptop, why not try Vinux 5.1, currently based on Ubuntu, but soon 
> switching to Fedora.
> O-and-there is also a Fenrar screen-reader, but I know little about it.
> Chime
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