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Question 3: I think Debian is nice, as accessible at install time, then
with Mate or Gnome. Updates are slow and, thus, avoid accessibility
regressions. And always possible to have recent programs via backports.


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Le 06/01/2018 à 02:08, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Hello,
> I have been a part of this list for a while now. Even though I do not post much, I do follow the topic threads. I primarily use a Mac due to the high quality of speech and access to the Unix terminal but I would like to become more familiar with Linux. Recently I have been using Linux a bit more with Orca and had a few questions.
> 1. I am finding some Orca commands difficult, and some commands I cannot figure out at all. The first thing is when I want to review or copy output from the terminal window. Is there a way to Easily review and copy terminal output?
> 2. Is there other screen readers which make the Linux desktop accessible besides Orca? I read on here and other lists that there is speak up but that is a terminal specific screen reader, right? Does speak up allow for review of the terminal output?
> 3. I want to purchase a laptop and install a Linux distro on it. I have used Red Hat on my AWS server for a long time and also used Ubuntu for a long time on things like my Raspberry PI. Is there a distro which is better for accessibility than the other? 
> I am sure some of you might read these questions as naive given the information out there on such questions but when I am using Ubuntu on the desktop computer in my research lab with Orca I am finding some commands to not work as documentation says they should. I would just like to get some feedback from experienced users to make sure this is simply user error and not something I am missing software wise. Thanks ahead of time for any and all positive feedback.
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