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Sat Jan 6 07:58:30 UTC 2018

Fenrir is very new. I hope it survives and matures to become a robust
option to Speakup, but it's not there yet.

With Fenrir you're experimenting. Whatever breaks, you get to put back
together. That's not a bad thing, unless you're expecting something

Switching topics, if you want to stay close to the leading edge of
package releases, stick to Arch or Fedora and possibly Ubuntu, not Debian.

Linux for blind general discussion writes:

> Well, just wondering if Fenrir would work with a DecTalk U S B? Next,
> recently tried Debian9, but when graphical was also installed, I had little
> speech from my DecTalk, until we went to a text-only Ubuntu 17.10, but I
> would really rather run Debian again, as I think packages may be newer?
> Chime
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