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Sat Jan 6 21:35:34 UTC 2018

While details often differ from distro-to-distro, and sometimes quite
drastically eveen between closely related distros, I'm pretty sure
nearly every major distro defaults to a text-only, command-line
interface in the absence of a working GUI environment, and that being
able to use alt+Fx to switch between multiple command-line sessions is
a common feature.

Colloquially, the terms command-line, terminal, and console seem to be
used interchangeably both for running Linux in pure text-mode or for
opening a terminal window/terminal emulator within a GUI environment.
The term Desktop, however, is generally used exclusively for running
in graphical mode, and often only in the context of running a full
Desktop Environment.

As far as I know, the various terminals/consoles are named tty1, tty2,
tty3, etc. and systems configured to automatically bring up a Desktop
Environment typically use tty1 to launch the GUI, though you can
launch the GUI from any terminal.


Jeffery Wright
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