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> A little computer history here ...
> Before there were computer monitors, output from a computer might be
> printed on a physical terminal which would be a box with a typing
> keyboard and a printer, all in one. The printer printed on a roll of
> paper that spooled off as more and more was printed.

More specifically, the early physical terminal was borrowed from
telegraph technology, a Teletype ("TTY") sending and receiving unit
called a "teleprinter," which is why one of the *nix terminals is
still called "tty". <>. TTY
was a five-bit code, so was limited to all capitalized characters.

Modern computers owe very much to telegraphy, which after Baudot came
along, was inherently binary, so could be integrated with computers
comparatively easily.

> Clearly, monitors were a solid step forward.

Yes, but not nearly as much fun!


> Do a search for linux laptops and see what experiences others have had
> installing and running linux on particular laptop models. You'll be glad
> you did.

A metalinks collection to help with that search. Linux Hardware
Compatibility Lists: <>

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