Why does C-Panel not run on Debian Systems?

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Sun Jan 7 19:58:07 UTC 2018

Nothing wrong with old Red Hat/CentOS systems, but if you need a control 
panel, ISPConfig is a better choice, and not only is it free of cost, it 
is free of proprietary licensing restrictions as well. Knowing how the 
puzzle pieces fit together makes little to no difference when you just 
want something that works, and ISPConfig works quite well for getting 
you set up fairly quickly. I know how all the pieces fit, all except 
virtual mail domains, and I still use ISPConfig, as once the server is 
set up, setting up individual sites is quite fast indeed. Best of all, 
ISPConfig can run on Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS, so you don't even have 
to change the OS in order to run it. For Debian 8, take a look at the 
Perfect Server guide found at
You will need to edit some files and write some command lines, but most 
of it can be copied and pasted, except things like hostnames. Again, 
once it's set up, you really have to do little to nothing, and things 
are also set up in a much more intuitive way than CPanel does things. 
For example, each website is self-contained, and is not a folder or 
subdomain under your default domain, which is the expected behavior when 
creating a new website, but CPanel simply lumps everything together, 
where site2.domain is also site1.domain/site2 and site2.site1.domaine, 
and this is very hard to fix in CPanel.
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