X session to run browser with Orca from Arch console

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Thu Jan 11 17:17:32 UTC 2018

The error seems to indicate that you may be missing video drivers. Their 
packages are many times called xf86-video-something, or possibly 
xorg-video-something. That said, installing I believe it's called 
xserver-xorg metapackage should get you up and running. Another option 
if you don't need video, i.e. you're totally blind or don't use a 
screen, the xvfb package may help, though I'm not sure how best to run 
xvfb as I usually just install video drivers and use the defaults, which 
generally work on most hardware these days. If you do want to use xvfb, 
hopefully someone on this list has some experience with it and can help 
you get it set up as your default X server.
Imetumwa kutoka ufunguo wangu

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