How to start gnome-orca along with windows manager

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Wed Jan 17 06:11:48 UTC 2018

Did you have a specific window manager in mind that you wanted to use? 
With a full desktop, setting
gsettings org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-reader-enabled true
gsettings set org.mate.interface accessibility true
will enable necessary accessibility for most applications and cause Orca 
to start automatically. This will work for both GNOME and MATE.
You can also build your own custom X session with any of several window 
managers and other components. Either put everything you need into 
~/.xinitrc with an & at the end of each line except the last line that 
runs whatever window you want on top and run it with
with no arguments, or put the same commands into any script of any name 
and call it on the startx command line, e.g. you have a script that runs 
Orca, your window manager and Firefox. You can write a script that looks 
and call it firefox-wrapper, or whatever you like. You would then run it as
startx firefox-wrapper
This is the way I have several things working now in a project I'm 
currently working on using the Kies text menu, but including Firefox, 
Chrome and LibreOffice among other X applications for use on a Raspberry 
Pi, where system resources are still at a premium. It seems to work 
pretty well, although some window managers will work better than others. 
Hopefully my experience will help somewhat.
Imetumwa kutoka maji yangu

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