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Mon Jan 22 13:58:31 UTC 2018

Hi Tim,

Yes, I do receive good suggestions from this group. Many thanks for that.
Let me discuss with my friends and choose the best path.

Best Regards

Edhoari Setiyoso

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On 01/22/2018 08:07 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Tim here.  You've received several good suggestions here.  It largely
> depends on your proficiency with Linux, how much control you want,
> and who you intend to submit content.
> For your use case, I'd lean towards either a hosted solution or
> possibly a static site-generator.
> You can get hosted blogging for free (as long as you tolerate
> advertisements on the page) on either or as
> long as you're willing to accept a sub-domain name such as
> "".  For a minimal charge, you can purchase a
> domain-name such as "" and pay to have them back the
> site.  This option is the easiest both for you and for anybody else
> with whom you might intend to collaborate as they have fairly
> polishes user-interfaces for adding content.  As an added benefit,
> they deal with all the security patching, backups, load-balancing,
> and other headaches.
> Stepping up from there, you can often get very cheap (i.e.,
> under $5/month) hosting for the blog engine of your choice.  You can
> either set up a dynamic database-backed blog like Wordpress or
> Drupal, or you can go with a static site generator (I'm partial to
> Nikola and use that, but they're all largely similar in features).
> Usually with such a hosted service you also get email accounts and
> have more control over which blog software & plugins you use.
> With a static site generator, there's less to worry about when it
> comes to security as you just push up your bundle of files to deploy
> and the entire directory on the server can be limited to read-only.
> With a dynamic blog site like Drupal or Wordpress, you become
> responsible for security updates, backups, load-balancing, etc.  It
> can be nice to have that sort of control if you need it. But it's
> also a lot of headache for a side-project.
> Hope this gives you some options with their benefits & drawbacks so
> you can choose what suits you best.
> -tim
> On January 22, 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Hi group,
>> We have a small blind community here in Indonesia. We would like to
>> start a website to promote our activities or community projects. We
>> would like to have a blog or CMS where, hopefully, we can manage
>> the content on our own. Do you guys have any recommendations?
>> Any suggestions is welcome
>> Best Regards
>> -- 
>> Edhoari Setiyoso
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