Speech Dispatcher moves to GitHub under a new maintainer

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Tue Jan 23 14:39:19 UTC 2018

Dear all,

we are pleased to let you know that the Speech Dispatcher project which is a common high-level interface to speech synthesis was now moved to a new repository on GitHub. This brings easier code review capabilities, smoother contribution process and convenient issue tracking on a platform that is already very well known to many. We hope this will make it easier for others to contribute to its development and we invite everyone interested to cooperate.

The new repository is:

Bugs can be reported and suggestions can be provided at:

Also speechd-el, the Emacs speech and Braille output interface, as well as a few other projects related to Speech Dispatcher were moved to GitHub:

As some of you already know, the Speech Dispatcher project has also recently changed its maintainer. The new leader of the project is now Samuel Thibault. We would like to use this opportunity to repeat our many thanks to Luke Yelavich who worked in this important role previously and to wish to Samuel and the Speech Dispatcher project all the best for the future.

Hynek Hanke & the team from BRAILCOM,o.p.s.
Samuel Thibault & Hypra

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