Hotkeys to Access notification area in Mate

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Wed Jan 24 08:32:37 UTC 2018

Le 24/01/2018 à 06:29, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> I think the hotkey need to set somewhere on compiz. This is because when 
> I installed compiz, I had to set Alt+F4 just to close window. It seems 
> my compiz package default settings needs more tweaking. Anyway Thank you 
> for your suggestions,

OK, I understand. To do that, you have to open cssm, it could be defined 
on the switcher module.

> I want to ask you, what is Hydra? Is there a site/documentation that I 
> can read?

This is not Hydra but Hypra. You could find technical information on the 
development page:

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