Request for testing soon to be released brltty-5.6

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Sun Jan 28 21:07:00 UTC 2018

Follow-up and correction below.

I wrote this:
> Dave Mielke has requested to test the next brltty release, cf:
> [quoted lines from Dave Mielke]
> <previous sentences removed> > The current plan is for 5.6 to be released two or three weeks from now.

The linked-to post is dated Mon Jan 8 16:16:49 EST 2018 i.e.
roughly three weeks ago, but this could have been overlooked by people
not following the link, leading them to think that they still have
3 weeks to test.

This is wrong: please provide your test results no later than Monday,
February 5 2018.

I am sorry if the my wording of the previous post made you think that
the allocated time for testing was bigger.

Happy testing! 



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