web hosting ideas?

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Sat Jul 7 18:36:52 UTC 2018

Hi folks,
I realize many of you do your own servers and the like, so I am going to ask 
this question with great care.  My needs are rather specific, and even if 
they seem old fashioned, they are rooted in  part in how my specific 
disability experiences manifest just now.
I work with a nonprofit organization with several program areas in more 
than one country.
presently our  web needs are housed with dreamhost.
Their hosting accounts include a fairly solid shell structure, in Ubuntu, 
including programs like alpine.  I use ssh  telnet to reach these services 
and must have comparative access where ever i go.
Dreamhost made security changes about a week ago which now block my ssh 
access.  while I may discover a work around, their mail server behavior 
has been loopy for a while so...a blessing lies in all this mayhem.
I am going to contact one shell service of which I am already aware, 
preferring not to bring all of my Internet life here to shellworld.
So, yes there is a question laughs.
Can you suggest a comparative hosting service that
a, provides a functional shell as apart of their account.
b allows for more than one domain to be hosted with them, including sftp 
access and a great deal of account space.
c. has good customer service
d, is reasonably priced?
dreamhost donates hosting accounts to 501c3 organizations, so it has been 
a free ride.
I do not expect that to continue, but I do  hope to find  something 

Thanks for your ideas if any.
Oh, I have no interest whatsoever in hosting my needs on my own.  I lack 
both the resources and talent for such a venture here in Toronto.

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