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glad your experiences have been fine, so I will share my own.
regarding e-mail.
Since I have been a member dreamhost has moved our mail from server to 
server   five times now.  still I get, several times a day if using my 
office  mail,
that  the mail server is frozen for 15 or 30 or 60 seconds or more  while 
I wait.
Dreamhost has stated  in writing to me more than once that while they 
provide programs on their shell accounts, they do not support them, or 
update security keys for browsers either most of the time.
I have spent the betterpart of the last 72 hours in communication with 
dreamhost  support about the key issue.
I ssh telnet from my desktop into dreamhost,  a point it took 4 tries to 
even get them to understand.  Friday June 29, the security team changed 
what keys they will allow, without sharing that change with  technical 
support.   You are not permitted to speak directly with anyone, so I lost a 
day or two with someone at dreamhost asking the wrong questions.
They have decided my technology is old, and I must upgrade, they are 
unwilling to even review a suggestion by someone  who also uses the ssh 
package I use involving openssh that allows a broader range of keys.
The error is a dh key exchange failure security did not say use a 
different port then 22, they just blocked anything they do not understand.
I am supposed to work with this how exactly?

On Sat, 7 Jul 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Karen wrote with some complaints about dreamhost, and
> looking for an alternative.
> Karen, sorry to hear you're having difficulties with your
> hosting. Of course, spotty service is a good reason to
> leave, however, if problems can be solved...
> Regarding mail service, I received a notice from dreamhost
> that they are changing over parts of their mail system, and
> there will be some occasional outages during the summer
> months as they migrate users over (details below).
> Regarding ssh access, I've noticed that the ssh keys on
> shared hosts occasionally change, triggering a security
> warning next time you use ssh. When that happens you may
> have to delete the old key to accept the new one. (And btw
> you should verify the fingerprint of the new key.)
> Regarding support, I found that dreamhost has decent
> references in their wiki, and have always gotten timely
> responses to my occasional technical questions.
> Quote from dreamhost:
>  During migration, you may see duplicated messages or delayed messages in
>  your inbox. Some emails that arrive mid-migration *may temporarily* appear
>  to go missing as the new servers' DNS records propagate. Don't panic if
>  this happens - they will return!
>  To minimize these side-effects, please avoid moving or deleting messages,
>  or creating/deleting users during the migration period.
> FWIW, dreamhost also posts the status of their systems at
> https://www.dreamhoststatus.com/
> with greetings,
> -joel
>> Hi folks,
>> I realize many of you do your own servers and the like, so I am going to ask
>> this question with great care.  My needs are rather specific, and even if
>> they seem old fashioned, they are rooted in  part in how my specific
>> disability experiences manifest just now.
>> I work with a nonprofit organization with several program areas in more than
>> one country.
>> presently our  web needs are housed with dreamhost.
>> www.dreamhost.com
>> Their hosting accounts include a fairly solid shell structure, in Ubuntu,
>> including programs like alpine.  I use ssh  telnet to reach these services
>> and must have comparative access where ever i go.
>> Dreamhost made security changes about a week ago which now block my ssh
>> access.  while I may discover a work around, their mail server behavior has
>> been loopy for a while so...a blessing lies in all this mayhem.
>> I am going to contact one shell service of which I am already aware,
>> preferring not to bring all of my Internet life here to shellworld.
>> So, yes there is a question laughs.
>> Can you suggest a comparative hosting service that
>> a, provides a functional shell as apart of their account.
>> b allows for more than one domain to be hosted with them, including sftp
>> access and a great deal of account space.
>> c. has good customer service
>> and
>> d, is reasonably priced?
>> dreamhost donates hosting accounts to 501c3 organizations, so it has been a
>> free ride.
>> I do not expect that to continue, but I do  hope to find  something
>> reasonable.
>> Thanks for your ideas if any.
>> Oh, I have no interest whatsoever in hosting my needs on my own.  I lack
>> both the resources and talent for such a venture here in Toronto.
>> Thanks,
>> Karen
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