big alsa problem

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I'm thingiking of reinstall Linux.
the problem is that I've got dual boot, with windows.
I can't just remove the Linux partition and install Linux.
How can I reinstall Linux without removing windows?

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> pulseaudio is not and has never been a sound system.  Pulseaudio is a
> sound system manager.  Without alsa or jack pulseaudio by itself will
> not produce sound since it has no underlying sound system to manage.
> Another possibility which is going away fast for sound systems is oss.
> If pulseaudio is installed, I would do it and make sure all dependencies
> for pulseaudio are also installed.  Then you'll need to do the
> equivalent of unmute master in pulseaudio and set master to a percentile
> and save that setting so it survives a reboot.
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>> I would install pulseaudio.
>> that fixed my audio problems in the past.
>> pulse audio always worked better for me than alsa.
>> I do not have the knowledge to give you a reasoned analysis, but that
>> worked for me in the past.
>> right now alsa is working for me, but that is recent and perhaps
>> transient.
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