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Fri Jul 13 17:25:54 UTC 2018

Hello again Bittukumar,

To know what EFI3M can do after having downloading it, in some
directory, from the same directory just type:
chmod 755 EFI3M
sudo ./EFI3M

It will display its menu, like this:
<menu begins below>
EFI multiboot menu maker (EFI3M)

Available features:
1 Display features and usage
2 Install the multiboot menu on your computer
3 Make a rescue USB stick providing the boot menu
4 Customize the boot menu
5 Display the boot menu

Just press Enter to quit.

Type the number in front of the chosen feature:
<menu ended above>

Just press 1 then Enter to display the features and usage

In short, the use of it is to easily set up a boot menu (adapted from
GRUB). This can be useful if you have several systems installed in the
same machine to easily select one at boot time, as you will hear a
different tune for each when you press enter, as explained
on the second page of the displayed features.

Also, as you can display (and hear) the menu before installing it, you
will know exactly its layout once installed, and can change it typing
3 then Enter in the menu of EFI3M.

Let me know if these explanations make sense, and if you need more


Le 13/07/2018 à 19:02, bittukumar jaiswal a écrit :
> Hello, Didier!
> [I just uploaded an new version of EFI3M on GitHub:]
> if you don't mine I have question that, where we can use this? or what
> is the use of it?
> please tell me.
> I did this:
> You can get it typing:
> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DidierSpaier/EFI3M/master/EFI3M
> This will download the shell script EFI3M that should be run as root.
> Now what I have to do? How can I use?
> Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome
> On 7/13/18, Didier Spaier <didier at slint.fr> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just uploaded an new version of EFI3M on GitHub:
>> https://github.com/DidierSpaier/EFI3M
>> You can get it typing:
>> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DidierSpaier/EFI3M/master/EFI3M
>> This will download the shell script EFI3M that should be run as root.
>> Enhancements:
>> I have checked that script can be used with speech using orca.
>> This is also true on the console using espeakup, only moving a boot
>> entry up or down while reordering the boot entries is not spoken, I
>> don't know why.
>> Reordering the boot entries is now simpler: just select a boot entry
>> typing its number, then move it with the up or down arrow key. the
>> corresponding line will be distinguished from the others by a * as first
>> character.
>> I will just paste below the second page of the requirements and features
>> as displayed by the script itself as it details the sound features:
>> <quoted page below>
>> Requirements:
>> GRUB version at least 2.02 should be installed, as well as usual
>> utilities found in pretty much any Linux distribution.
>> Sound aid for the visually impaired:
>> After booting, navigate in the menu with the up and down arrow keys.
>> If brltty, espeakup or orca is active when EFI3M is run:
>> 1) A Beep is emitted as soon as the menu is displayed.
>> 2) When pressing Enter on the menu entry n (numbered from the top of
>>    the menu), a tune of n sounds is played. The user can then confirm
>>    this choice pressing Enter (the same tune is then played again) or go
>>    back to the top of the menu pressing the Esc key.
>> 3) The same apply to the the last entries, Halt and Reboot. A descending
>>    arpeggio is played for Halt, a descending followed by an ascending
>>    arpeggio for Reboot. Again, confirm with Enter or cancel with Esc.
>> The sound can also be set afterwards: type 4 in the main menu of EFI3M,
>> then M for Mute or S for Sound, and validate the setting typing V.
>> To apply the modification to an USB stick you will need to write again
>> the menu on it, typing 3 in the main menu.
>> <quoted page ended above>
>> Best regards,
>> Didier
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