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Sun Jul 15 13:45:39 UTC 2018

hmm? are it not plans to integrate braille in grub?

På 14 juli 2018 11:59:13 Janina Sajka via orca-list <orca-list at gnome.org> 

> Hello, Didier!
> Very impressive script!
> Unsurprisingly, on my main Desktop machine I get:
> EFI booting is not enabled, game over.
> That leaves me only with an Apple Airbook where I'm hesitent to
> overwrite anything Apple specific. It would be nice to know one could do
> that, though. So, I'm thinking of a way to test undestructively.
> Perhaps, if the script runs properly on OS X, writing to USB would be
> the test?
> Just thinking aloud ...
> Janina
> On 7/13/18, Didier Spaier <didier at slint.fr> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just uploaded an new version of EFI3M on GitHub:
>> https://github.com/DidierSpaier/EFI3M
>> You can get it typing:
>> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DidierSpaier/EFI3M/master/EFI3M
>> This will download the shell script EFI3M that should be run as root.
>> Enhancements:
>> I have checked that script can be used with speech using orca.
>> This is also true on the console using espeakup, only moving a boot
>> entry up or down while reordering the boot entries is not spoken, I
>> don't know why.
>> Reordering the boot entries is now simpler: just select a boot entry
>> typing its number, then move it with the up or down arrow key. the
>> corresponding line will be distinguished from the others by a * as first
>> character.
>> I will just paste below the second page of the requirements and features
>> as displayed by the script itself as it details the sound features:
>> <quoted page below>
>> Requirements:
>> GRUB version at least 2.02 should be installed, as well as usual
>> utilities found in pretty much any Linux distribution.
>> Sound aid for the visually impaired:
>> After booting, navigate in the menu with the up and down arrow keys.
>> If brltty, espeakup or orca is active when EFI3M is run:
>> 1) A Beep is emitted as soon as the menu is displayed.
>> 2) When pressing Enter on the menu entry n (numbered from the top of
>>    the menu), a tune of n sounds is played. The user can then confirm
>>    this choice pressing Enter (the same tune is then played again) or go
>>    back to the top of the menu pressing the Esc key.
>> 3) The same apply to the the last entries, Halt and Reboot. A descending
>>    arpeggio is played for Halt, a descending followed by an ascending
>>    arpeggio for Reboot. Again, confirm with Enter or cancel with Esc.
>> The sound can also be set afterwards: type 4 in the main menu of EFI3M,
>> then M for Mute or S for Sound, and validate the setting typing V.
>> To apply the modification to an USB stick you will need to write again
>> the menu on it, typing 3 in the main menu.
>> <quoted page ended above>
>> Best regards,
>> Didier
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