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this is the kind of crap I am getting from these guys

how the hell are you supposed to set this up if you can't even choose 
the location and the iso that you want to deploye?

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Ticket XFI-49BBI has been updated by Tyler Weldon [staff].


My apologies, please disregard my previous response.

Please note that our staff is responsible for infrastructure and system critical functions of the platform itself, not for administration of individual instances. You, or members of your project team are responsible for the administration of the VPS instance deployments on your account.

In the event that you have difficulties making a deployment, or performing some other task within your my.vultr.com account portal, please feel free to raise a ticket and we will address any platform issues where applicable.

While our services are self-managed, we do offer an extensive community library of tutorials in our Vultr Docs section which you can review at:


Can't find what you are looking for? You can request new articles from our community by visiting this URL:


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