vultr refusing to help with server set up do to not being blind friendly

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Mon Jul 16 03:39:37 UTC 2018

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> BTW, this isn't a place where discussion of Microsoft or Apple
> operating systems or their screen readers is considered on topic, and
> whining about the accessibility or lack thereof on a website where you
> are using such things doesn't change the fact that such a post is
> off-topic, even if it's a site where you can, if you want, start a
> Linux server.

Please learn some compassion for your fellows.  Blind people endure
enough hardships already.  Being accused of "whining about
web accessibility" by other blind people on a blind technical list should
not be one of them.  If you are trying to promote Linux or other free
software solutions, that's wonderful!  However, the attitude you have
displayed here ill-fits an ambassador.  Suppose OP was trying to learn
about Linux or free software.  If you thumb your nose at them and call
them a whiner because you don't like their current technology stack, you
aren't encouraging them to learn.  You aren't encouraging them to
change.  You're hurting and shunning them.

Do you know that OP had not tried Orca + Firefox?  I don't.  Perhaps they
did.  In any case, this site was not usable on a proprietary platform
with either an open-source screenreader or a proprietary screenreader.
This is all I know from OP's post.  If it isn't accessible on that
proprietary platform, I highly doubt that it'd be accessible with a standard
Linux combo like Orca+Firefox.  Maybe chromevox would work; who knows.
I do not.

That said, your suggestion to use virtual mouse clicks is solid.

-- Chris

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