Installing Ubuntu on an AMD HP Laptop

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Wed Jul 18 19:37:08 UTC 2018

Hello, everyone.

I decided to try installing a Linux distro after my Windows 10 image 
started malfunctioning. I didn't want to have to lose all my data, so I 
wanted to see if using Linux would allow me to access all of my files 
and put them on an external hard drive.

I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 Iso and the Rufus utility. I put the Iso image 
on my flash drive using this utility.

 From past experience with an AMD HP computer, i found that pressing the 
escape key immediately after turning on the computer, and then pressing 
F9 would bring me to the list of boot options. From here I pressed down 
arrow to select USB media, and pressed enter. At this point I don't know 
what happened next because I don't know if Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit AMD comes 
with any screen reader, or what the commands would be to launch it. I 
used the Microsoft seeing AI app to read what was on the screen.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


-Heavenly Harmony

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