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Tue Jul 31 11:00:57 UTC 2018

Hi Cheryl,

How powerful do you need your computer to be?  We are developing an 
Arch-based distro for use with the Raspberry Pi, and the command line 
side of things is performing quite well in terms of speed.

You can hear more about our work on our list. To subscribe just email:
F123e+subscribe at



On 07/31/2018 03:59 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
 > I have an iMac and a MacBook Air running Mac and of course I am using 
the terminal lots, mostly with MacPorts. But I have wanted a standalone 
linux machine. I know somebody who has a tablet and no longer wants the 
Acer chromebook. I don't yet know all the specs except that it is 15.6 
inch and as I believe 2 usb ports; should find out more shortly. I 
wondered if it would be possible to install linux and install it 
accessibly on this machine. I have used debian and arch linux in the 
past and wondered what I should plan to use. I am more interested in the 
command line than in the gui though I won't totally rule out the 
possibility that I might also experiment with the gui in linux. When I 
started using linux, of course, the gui wasn't really an option.
 > There is one other thing I am concerned abut. I had thinkpads that 
ran linux for years. Both of them died and it appeared to be a fan 
problem. That might have been just a natural consequence of their age 
but I am concerned about getting an apparently new computer and having 
this happen. In my old Debian installs way back in the earlier part of 
this century, it seemed as if those settings were automatically set up 
and compatible with the running of my computers' fans. Are there any 
versions of linux that either still seem to have a good record or, on 
the other hand, have been known
 > to leave so much to the user that a fan problem could quickly result. 
I also had this problem with a Mac minias fan though again, the mini had 
also previously had a long life with me as a Mac OS computer. I did have 
one Mac mini that never had any fan issues running linux.
 > Any inut as to the usability of a chromebook and the best linux 
distribution to use, especially for command line emphasis, would be 
appreciated. I would want to mostly use brltty with emphasis on its 
braille capabilities but wouldn't mind being able to set up speech also. 
I definitely would like to have sound for other purposes than speech if 

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