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Mon Jun 4 15:48:45 UTC 2018

Didier here,


Which version have you tried?

I ask because if you did a regular upgrade with slapt-get you should run
Firefox-52.8.0ESR that I uploaded on the repository on 20 may 2018 and
that seems to be as accessible as the previous ones. This is a bug  fix
and maintainance release as noted in tha ChangeLog:

Or, did yiu install a newer Firefox from a third party repository? If
that is the case, please tell which verion it is and from which repo
you got it?


Slint distribution

Le 04/06/2018 à 02:00, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> If any orca users on slint haven't upgraded to the current version of
> firefox, I recommend not doing so.  Once firefox opens orca goes mostly
> non-verbal and even getting to preferences to inspect and change settings
> isn't possible.  Earlier tonight I ended up using seamonkey and was at
> least able to get out onto a website.  Accessibility on that website is
> another matter though.  Colors are used to mark error fields and that's
> not at all helpful.
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