forgot slint command

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Mon Jun 4 23:00:22 UTC 2018

As regular user, type:
session-chooser mate

To go to lxde:
session-chooser lxde

To know the available sessions, just type:

Of course you need to logout then login after that.

Thanks for the specific man page suggestion.
I add it to my TODO list.



Le 04/06/2018 à 23:25, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> What is the command to change slint from lxde to mate?  I forgot that one.
> Now I think of it, maybe one useful thing to do for any linux distribution
> would be to put an info and/or man page on future releases say like man
> slint which would show a list of commands unique to slint.  Or for
> archlinux man archlinux to get that distribution's unique commands.
> An older computer I ran for several years got hit by lightning last
> weekend and I've been doing what I could toward recovery.

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