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Fri Jun 8 23:58:06 UTC 2018

Something to keep in mind when dealing with software written in Python
is that not all programs written in Python2 have either been upgraded
to use Python3 or been deprecated. As a result, many distros, Debian
included have both Python2.7 and the latest Python3 to ensure
compatibility with both old and new applications. In most cases, this
doesn't cause problems as most Python applications invoke the correct
version of Python without user input, but if you're using one of
Python's own utilities not specifying the version will often cause a
redirection to the Python2.7 version.

I.e. the command python is usually a symbolic link to python2.7
whereas python3 is the command that will invoke the latest Python3
installed on your system. Similarly, the pip command will invoke pip
for installing Python2 applications and you need to specify pip3 to
install Python3 applications.

On my own system, with most of tits software sourced from Debian
Unstable, I have Python3.6 installed and no Python2.7 installed and
don't have a python command(tab completion gives me python3 from pyt).


Jeffery Wright
Bachelor of Computer Science
President Emeritus, Nu Nu Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa.

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