talkingarch support off for now

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If had finger response capability that's another possible
location for a valid sha512sum.  What I recommend going forward is for
users testing with sha512sum they locate each place you have them and
compare all of them.  Anything different please ask them to write
support at and let them know because something has been
defaced and you just got an alert to that deface.  File permissions on
web pages can provide some protection, but a backup held off the
internet so quick restores can be done buys anyone a little version
control management capability.

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> Thankfully I haven't had a problem with the website being defaced. But yes, I
> can put the sha512sum up there along with signature verification. I think that
> it's a good idea in the future to have a signature verification as well as a
> sha512sum. A workable fallback is always a good thing.
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