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Mon May 28 12:06:52 UTC 2018

(Tim here)
I love the simple "ii" package for this.

 $ apt-get install ii
 $ NICK=Your_Nick_Here
 $ ii -s $SERVER -n $NICK

This process hangs waiting for input so you can either background the
process by appending "&" when issuing it; or you can suspend it with
control+z and then type "bg" to background it; or you can open
another terminal for the remainder of this (whether control+alt+F3 or
a new terminal window in your GUI, or a new window/pane in tmux or
GNU screen)

This creates a FIFO in ~/irc/$SERVER/in so you can issue

 $ cd ~/irc/$SERVER/
 $ less out  # optionally view the initial server output
 $ echo "/list" > in
 $ less out  # view the full log, initial output plus output of "/list"
 $ echo "/quit" > in # disconnect from the IRC server

After issuing that last quit command, the background "ii" process
will quit.

Because "in" is just a pipe, if you want to be more interactive, you
can issue

  $ cat > in

and then you can enter multiple IRC commands without having to wrap
each in an "echo" call.

It's a very niche tool, but it has a lot of nice possibilities when
it comes to automation.


On 2018-05-28 04:36, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> If I log into a new irc server and want to get a list of public
> channels on that server is it possible with any command line irc
> client to select a file name on my local hard drive and run
> the /list command and have the output of that list command sent
> directly into the file I selected earlier?  I can understand
> servers complaining about major hits to their service from /list
> commands being run and would think being able to send the output to
> a file would be easier on the servers and the users who could then
> look through that channels file offline and find what channels
> interest them.
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